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Looking Back At Life Without Regrets

A message on maximising our time on earth by redeeming the time.

God Never Forgets Your Works For Him

A message showing you how God rewards you when you simply use the grace He has given you.

He Is Risen From The Dead

A message showing you why our Lord Jesus’ resurrection is your divine receipt that your sin debt is taken care of.

Be Mindful Of The Things Of God

A message showing you the importance of making God’s word the final authority in your life.

No Regrets At The End Of This Life

A message encouraging you to look at life now with the end in view.

It’s Time To Move On

A message encouraging you to break free from regret to avoid missing your destiny by holding on.

Get Rid Of Your Disappointments And Regrets

A message encouraging you get out of wallowing in regret.

Living Without Sadness, Depression, Disappointments And Regret

A message encouraging you to live above the vicissitudes of life.

You Must Look At Life Positively

A message challenging you to have a positive outlook in life.

Living In Double Portion Blessings

A message showing you how receive a double portion of God’s blessings in your life.

What Is Life Really About?

A message expounding the true meaning to a fulfilled life.

Resolutions For A Life Worth Living

A message encouraging you to learn to apply the stories of Biblical characters to your life.

Thank God, Because He Is So Merciful

A message encouraging you to always recall and be thankful for God’s endless mercy towards you.

Living A Life Of Gratitude

A message on how to release God’s power by being thankful all the time.

Have Faith In God’s Word And Hold Onto It

A message emphasising the importance of prioritising God’s word in our lives

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