Be encouraged to know that submitting to God can unlock a new level of anointing, discernment, wisdom, and power in your life. When we submit ourselves to God, we become infused with his strength, wisdom, and energy. And by surrendering our way, will, agenda, timeline, and emotions to God, He can help eliminate worldly thoughts and desires from our hearts and minds. This will allow us to resist the devil not by relying…

Daily Devotion

The most important part of your day is the time you spend reading God’s Word. Enhance each day with verses from the Bible.

Is there an area of weakness you’re struggling with? If there is a situation in your life where your strength has failed, it’s time to let God’s strength take over! When you see the insufficiency of your own strength, the answer is to depend on the Lord’s strength. You see, the Spirit’s desire is for you to be strengthened with might in your inner man. You don’t need to have all the answers or hold everything together with your own strength…

Sharing Christ


Changing Lives

Thank you partners. Because of your support, many lives are being transformed. God richly bless you!

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