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Thank God, Because He Is So Merciful

Jan 27, 2022

Mercy! Few people truly understand it, yet it is key to receiving God’s best in your life. One of the ways that God’s goodness is revealed is by His mercy. God is merciful, good, and just! And the mercy of God towards each of us is something that we can always be thankful for. If you’re feeling like you’re beyond God’s mercy, know that He stands ready and willing to forgive and embrace you, no matter what… because He loves you.

The Bible describes how the mercy seat was at the very centre of the Holy of Holies, and it is still at the centre of God’s heart today. In today’s message by Evangelist Paul Acquah titled Thank God, because He is so merciful,” learn how, as a recipient of God’s love and mercy, to always recall and be thankful for God’s endless mercy towards you.

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