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God’s Power Will Turn Your Situation Around

Jul 21, 2022

God can turn your situation around. No situation is too hard or impossible, and there is nothing He cannot do. God is limitless in power and ability, and the things that look impossible to us are nothing before Him. There is no sickness too great and no problem to overwhelming that God cannot overcome.

Often when we face challenges, we roll the stone of hopelessness and despair in front of the situation and give up all hope that it can change, but note that it is not our desperation that gets God to move for us, it is our faith. So no matter what you are facing, put your faith and confidence in God who can turn it around.

See with new eyes the possibilities that our turnaround God can create in the places where no one else sees potential. In today’s message titled God’s power will turn your situation around,” Evangelist Paul Acquah encourages you to believe that there’s nothing God can’t turn around.

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