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God Never Forgets Your Works For Him

Apr 28, 2022

Every person, with no exception, will one day stand before God and give an account of his or her life. Some people might think; well, as long as I am going to heaven, that is enough! But simply hoping to get to heaven after death is a selfish motive that produces a selfish life. We should live for God and for His glory in response to His great love for us, and realize that we are alive for a purpose, and part of that purpose is for God to use us to help reconcile others to Him.

Be conscious of a good God who gives you the grace to do good works, yet rewards you well when you use that grace! You see, many of the rewards God has for us are so great that it will take eternity to appreciate and enjoy them. In this enlightening and practical message titled God never forgets your works for Him,” Evangelist Paul Acquah shows you how God rewards you when you simply use the grace He has given you.

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