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Extraordinary Treasure

Oct 19, 2023

Deep within your being, lies an invaluable treasure, a divine gem waiting to be uncovered. This treasure is none other than the presence of Christ within you, illuminating your existence with the radiant promise of glory. The Holy Spirit of God has chosen to make a home within the very core of your being.

As you align your heart and spirit with the gracious presence of God dwelling within you, a harmonious partnership is formed. And in this partnership, you’ll begin to witness the magnificent and awe-inspiring power of the Almighty, transcending the boundaries of the ordinary and infusing your everyday life with the extraordinary.

You are not just an ordinary vessel; you are the sacred temple of God, a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit, and within the sacred walls of your being, divine mysteries and miraculous wonders are waiting to be unveiled. In today’s message titled Extraordinary Treasure,” Evangelist Paul Acquah emphasizes the importance of recognizing the treasure of Christ within you and the dwelling of the Holy Spirit as a profound revelation of your spiritual identity, worth, purpose, and empowerment.

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