Reliance on God


As Christians, we can become complacent and satisfied knowing that we are going to heaven, but God wants us to live an abundant life here and now! When you have God’s greater blessings, you can expect your life to be fuller, richer, and more satisfying. But are you willing to go after them? If you truly want greater blessings from the Lord, you’ll be willing to put your own plans aside and seek out what God has for you. This does not…

Daily Devotion

The most important part of your day is the time you spend reading God’s Word. Enhance each day with verses from the Bible.

It is natural to seek stability and security in a world filled with uncertainty and constant changes. Many often look to external sources, such as careers, relationships, or material possessions, to fulfil their needs and provide a sense of well-being. However, there is a timeless truth that transcends the temporal nature of our earthly circumstances: God is the source. Looking through the Word of God, scripture after scripture proves…

Sharing Christ


Changing Lives

Thank you partners. Because of your support, many lives are being transformed. God richly bless you!