God is all sufficient, don’t limit Him to what you see in the physical. He is God of more than enough: spiritually, materially, physically, emotionally, and He is an all-sufficient God to deal with every situation that you are facing. Believe Him to fulfil His purpose in your life. Jesus came to give us abundant life because He is more than enough. When dealing with God, the sky is the limit, but sadly we limit God by our small thinking…

Every day, Christ Is All Ministries connects people to God through the Gospel. Our goal is to utilize all of our resources for maximum impact to glorify God and build His kingdom.
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Look to God and see past the physical. If you can see it on the inside, then you can see it on the outside. You must take the limits off. Look to the all-sufficient God and just allow yourself to start seeing God’s will coming to pass in your life. Put your doubts aside and align yourself with the word of God. Discover what God can do in you and through you. God will bless whatever is in your hands and multiply it till it overflows…

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