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Ever wondered why there is a need for us to give to God? In the tapestry of Christian faith, the practice of giving to God emerges as a vibrant thread woven with theological depth and spiritual significance. Rooted in gratitude, obedience to Biblical principles, and a recognition of God’s sovereignty, the act of giving encompasses various forms – be it financial contributions, the offering of talents, or the dedicated investment…

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14 DECEMBER 2023 | Paul Acquah
21 DECEMBER 2023 | Paul Acquah
8 DECEMBER 2022 | Paul Acquah

Far beyond a mere financial prescription, scripture beckons believers to intertwine their material prosperity with a deeper sense of purpose and reverence for the divine. Your finances often serve as a reflection of your values. Understanding the connection between values and finances will allow you to make intentional choices that align with your beliefs and contribute to a more meaningful and purposeful journey in life…

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